Backing up slowly and quietly, the nun opens the wooden doors behind them and departs. Archbishop Navarre smiles as he continues to watch Addie as she prays.

He walks over and then kneels beside her. His soothing, calming voice quietly puts her at ease. “Have your thoughts be heartfelt and your actions be your thoughts.”

Addie knows that warm sound and leans into him. “Uncle Samuel, thank you.”

They stand and embrace. His vestment drapes over her and removes all of her worries. “What brings you here, my child? It is an unusual visit from my niece.”

Ian Crouse is an author who will place you within the evil and darkness of his childhood. Stories he heard while camping under moss covered cypress trees or playing in the above ground cemeteries, after nightfall in South Louisiana, created his desire to be an author of dark and complex evil story lines. His imagination will make your neck tingle with fright.

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